Rather than bore you all with my whole life story, heres a few facts about me:

  1. I look 17, but I've actually just turned 27 (which completely terrifies me! Turning 20 seems like yesterday) 

  2. Im short, I say around 5ft9 (if you count a good pair of trainers and being on your tiptoes) but it's probably closer to 5ft6.

  3. I truly believe in experiences over possessions, I would rather have a bucket list full of ticks than a house full of ‘things’.

  4. I am my happiest self when travelling, there’s just something about packing a bag and exploring new places (camera in hand of course) that I LOVE... it doesn’t even have to be abroad, there is still so much of the UK I want to see.

  5. Coffee is ESSENTIAL, I’ve recently cut my coffee consumption down (it was getting out of control) but every morning for me starts with a coffee.

Hi, my names Scott. 


I absolutely love to capture special memories and create videos. It all started for me in summer of 2014 when me and my partner spent six weeks in Florida. We bought a small camera and filmed our trip, this then led me to learn how to edit videos and it all evolved from here!
Each time we travelled I filmed, edited and learnt new skills and over the next few years it became my passion. In 2017 I set myself a goal to make a video every week and upload weekly to my personal 
YouTube. This really helped me learn my style of film making and helped develop me as a videographer.


I love getting to know my clients so that we can really showcase your personality through your video.

Hope to meet you soon!

“I honestly can’t recommend Scott enough. The video he has done for us its absolutely amazing something we will always look back at"


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