Alex & Alex

Turning up at Yalding Gardens, it was clear why Alex & Alex chose the venue, it is an absolute little gem tucked away in the middle of Kent. This venue was only a short drive away from my old house, yet this was the first time I’d seen it. The weather was glorious sunshine on the drive up from Eastbourne, and throughout the day it was bright but cloudy (perfect soft light) I started the day off heading up to the bridal sweet where Alex (I am going to have to write ‘Bride Alex’ & ‘Groom Alex’ so we don't get confused) …. ‘Bride Alex’ was nowhere to be seen. After searching the venue I found her directing her bridesmaids on where things go, while she was running around making the last minute touches with the decorations - most of which had been done by themselves - not an easy task leading up to a wedding!

‘Groom Alex’ was soon on his way to the Gardens, so ‘Bride Alex’ had to make her way up to the bridal room and finish getting ready. On my first visit to the bridal room, I had not noticed the amount of food on the table, most of which was being eaten by Ivy & also Olivia who seem to constantly have pizza and strawberries in hand.


Everyone was ready and in place and ‘Groom Alex’ along with best man Zach waited at the altar. ‘Bride Alex’ made her way down alongside Dad, Simon, and this beautiful outdoor ceremony got underway. With ‘Groom Alex’ just about managing to get ‘Bride Alex’s’ full name out in one go, they both said their vows and became husband & wife, followed by their first kiss that was so passionate ‘Bride Alex’s’ dress was literally flying off! I particularly loved the words of Peter’s reading “and a muscle toned body, may sound like a dream.... but nobody is better than chocolate ice cream”

While close family had their photos the remaining guests hit the bar and got well and truly involved with the garden games before everyone headed inside the awesome tepee for the food. After this it’s the part that the guests all love and the speakers DREAD … The speeches!


Father of the Bride Simon was first up and although he told me he was nervous beforehand, he gave a great speech with lots of lovely words for both Bride & Groom. Next up was the Groom himself, he well and truly earned some brownie points here, his little dedication to ‘Bride Alex’ was amazing and showed just how much he cares for not only Alex, but their perfect little family. As the weight lifts off ‘Groom Alex’s’ shoulders he smuggly passes the microphone over to Best Man Zach, who kept it fairly PG for the kids but again shared some funny stories, cracking jokes and great memories, all while nervously moving on the spot and trying desperately not to let his nerves show, he did very well! To finish ‘Bride Alex’s’ mum absolutely knocked it out of the park with one of the best speeches I’ve heard. I can't imagine the time and effort that must have gone into making this bespoke rhyming speech that ran through funny memories of Bride Alex's life, but I know it was totally worth it! My favourite line has to of been ”On a trip to Germany, her dad and I were rather amused by the sign to ‘wangham’ I kept quiet in the front, but she piped up from beyond... ‘dad is that where all the **nkers come from”

By the time the speeches finish, we pretty much head out to take our couple shots (in the glorious golden light) and then before we knew it the evening guests had arrived and the Alex’s were cutting cake & making their way to the dancefloor for their first dance. Straight after this magical moment, the DJ well and truly nailed it with old school disco bangers that seemed to come straight out of my own ‘skaterboi’ playlist…. This was well and truly a bit of me and the bride, groom, family and guests all seemed to love it. From ‘Busted’ to ‘Avril Lavigne’ to ‘Panic at the Disco’ to ‘Smash Mouth’ it's not a surprise that the dance floor was full!

There was so much I loved about your special day, from all the little touches, the beautiful venue, garden games, the fact that Ivy was spinning around in her dress most of the day, the unbelievable cuteness of Olivia, the banging sweets table, right through to the epic dancing! 


To ‘The A Team’ 

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your beautiful day, I hope you can watch your film over again to relive all those special moments. 

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