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Eastbourne half marathon.

A gloomy Sunday morning, the rain was coming down, the wind was howling along the sea front and I was debating if I was going to head out and take photos of the Half Marathon, let alone the people that had to get up and head out in it to run.

After a quick pit stop at the Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club to have a quick meeting with Sam at Mulberry Events, I decided to brave the weather and head out. I headed down to the stretch just by the Sovereign centre and cheered on the runners.
Among the runners I saw, there was Kermit the Frog, Peppa Pig, Superheroes, a bare foot runner, a blind runner and some very tired legs. 

I then headed up to the sea front for the final sprint towards the finish line, the wind was really tough and relentlessly pushing back against the runners. I have so much respect for all the competitors as it really did look like very hard conditions to push through! 

A MASSIVE congratulations to everyone who took part in the Eastbourne Half Marathon on Sunday.


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