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Frequently asked questions.

Wedding video frequently asked questions

Hey everyone!

I'm back this week with a few answers to some FAQ’s.
Hopefully this can help, if you are looking to work with real life videos. 

So let's get straight into the questions, I am going to start with the question I get asked the most…



As I reply "Sorry I am actually videographer not a photographer” I am gritting my teeth and rolling my eyes on the inside. I'm not sure what it is, but even family members seem to think I am a wedding photographer, I love photography its a huge hobby of mine, but unfortunately wedding photography is not something that I offer professionally. While we are on the subject, I absolutely love it when I film at a wedding and guests stand in front of me posing for a photo, as I explain I am ’the video guy - just try to act natural’ I am always left with the BEST (most awkward) natural poses you’ll ever see.


I like this question because it is potentially a future customer, but more importantly potentially a future friend. However, the answer can sometimes be difficult to answer.

Mainly because it depends totally on what type of video we are looking at creating, weddings are pretty easy to price, as I can set out packages that are based on the length of the day and location of the wedding (look at my 'services' page for these).

It’s when we start to look at promotional/event videos that it can be harder to price. First thing I will always look at will be the location of the shoot, then the style of video (I love shooting promotional videos, whether that’s a short punchy video for social media or a lengthy documentary style video for client websites) and lastly I will look at the duration of the shoot. If the client only has an hour or two after business hours, compared to a company wanting me to be there all day to shoot, prices of course will vary.




I think I have always been creative (I used to make skins on Bebo if people remember Bebo) I also used to like making holiday scrapbooks, but video was actually something that I fell into later than most. It started out as a hobby for me back in 2014, me and my partner bought a small mirrorless camera as we were heading off to travel to Orlando, Zakynthos, Amsterdam & Reykjavik that year. 

I was left with hours of footage, movie maker and zero idea how to edit videos. It was a lot of trial and error which led to some super cheesy edits before I started to really improve. Over the next few years, every time we traveled I filmed and edited, mainly to capture our special memories but by doing this, it hugely helped me in my skill level.

By 2017, I was at a very competent level and a friend of mine asked me to film her wedding. Nervously I agreed and I loved it! I am extremely proud of how their film turned out considering it was my first attempt... WATCH IT HERE!

Later on that year I quit my job to go travelling and when I returned in 2018 I decided to start my company and go self employed.



This might sound bad … but when everything is finished. I get a real buzz when I get to export the final video ready for the couple to see. When I show a couple their film, it's the best feeling … especially when there are tears (happy tears of course!) 

Honestly there is no better feeling than capturing memories that can be treasured forever and delivering the finished wedding film to my couples really is the best job in the world!




Firstly in the short term, there are a few venues I would love to film at, one of which I have the pleasure of filming at this year - Cooling Castle!

Long term - I would one day love to do a destination wedding! So anyone who wants to book me for their Maldives wedding let me know!
It doesn’t even have to be a tropical paradise, I would love to film an Iceland wedding, just imagine the scenery!!

Another long term goal I have (like many people my age) is to actually own a property, I am not a very materialistic person, I simply want a house, car and a yearly holiday and I will be happy.

That being said, my longgggggggg term goals would be for that house to be a 4 bed by the sea, a black Jeep Wrangler on the drive and that yearly holiday to be to somewhere long haul. Im not asking for much, right?!


Ok, well I hope this may have helped someone out there, if not I hope that you at least got some insight into real life videos.
Let me know if you have any questions that I didn’t answer or if you have an interesting topic/idea for this blog, send your thoughts to

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