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Grant & Gemma

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Nettlestead Place hosted Grant & Gemma on this beautiful summers day.


Arriving at the bridal prep I was greeted by a very busy room of Gemma’s friends and family all trying to get ready, while also keeping Blossom & Fletcher entertained, thankfully an over friendly butterfly who seemed to like Blossom did most of the work.
Grant soon arrived with the entourage of best man, ushers and in laws and headed to the alter, where shortly after he saw his beautiful ‘soon to be’ wife walking up to meet him. The ceremony was beautifully conducted by Alison and Kelly, Grant & Gemma both said their vows, exchanged rings and soon became Mr & Mrs Robinson.

The new bride & groom shared many a kiss (each time Grant would have to wipe away the foundation from his nose) and then were presented with their marriage certificate and made their way out of the ceremony while being covered in confetti by their friends and family.
A few photos and celebration drinks later then it was time for the wedding breakfast in the beautifully decorated marquee. After the food, it was time for the thing people love the most.... the speeches and first up was step father of the bride, James.
A perfectly delivered and very moving speech touched on some humorous memories of Grant, some beautiful words for Gemma's dad Brendan and also some rather embarrassing stories for Gemma!
Next was slightly nervous Grant (who hates public speaking) although it may have been short, Grant said all the right words and showed his deep love for Gemma. The final speech delivered by best man Carl, was a play on words to Grants name, one story for each letter of his name. Most of which were embarrassing, however also these stories showed just how close these two mates are.

Not long after was the cutting of the cake and Fletcher couldn’t wait to get his hands on it! After just about managing to keep fletcher's hands away from it the pair made their way to the dance floor and shared a beautiful first dance to Alicia Keys - If I Aint Got You. As the guests started getting more merry and heading to the dance floor, the sun slowly began to set on Grant & Gemma's special day.


It was an amazing day from start to finish, Congratulations to Grant and Gemma or should I say Mr & Mrs Robinson, thank you so much for letting me capture your very special day. Hopefully it will be something you can treasure for a lifetime! 

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