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Joe & Rochelle


Arriving at Hayne House I was greeted by Terry (Rochelle’s brother in law, who I filmed for last year) who had left his shoes at home so had to drive all the way back home to Maidstone from Hythe to collect them.
I popped my head in to see Rochelle who was getting ready inside the house. I had a little wander around the venue getting an idea of some good shots, while my second shooter Rob had been filming both bride & groom, even catching Joe doing a little speech prep. Soon the guests started to arrive and the day was getting truly underway. Guests began to be seated and Joe was waiting at the end of the aisle doing a combination of swigging from his hip flask and puffing on his inhaler.


Rochelle was soon walking down towards him and the ceremony began. Joe's sister Katie gave a lovely reading and not long after the couple say I do and officially become Mr & Mrs Ford! The couple went out back for a few quiet minutes together after the ceremony (although at some points I think Joe forgot he was still wearing the microphone)
The group photo was next followed by the confetti shot which luckily finished just as the rain started. The guests hit the bar, family and friends had group photos and the kids were being entertained by the garden games and the mini golf - along with some of the adults! Joe and Rochelle had their portrait shots which looked amazing before heading in for their food. 


Throughout the food they had a singer who was doing all the classics and had everyone singing along and dancing, which hopefully distracted the speech givers before their impending toasts! Up first was Father of the Bride Roy, who gave a fantastic speech full of jokes, stories, props about Rochelle growing up through the years before eventually “searching for a boyfriend online and finding Joe”. Next was Joe, whose speech was full of gags and jokes but also spoke about his love for Rochelle and gave some real emotional moments. Following Joe was best man Ben who gave a fantastic speech with lots of jokes along with some great stories. Rochelle’s sister Lauren then finished the speeches and as matron of honor provided more jokes and stories, but also gave an incredibly emotional speech (after getting a bit overwhelmed and desperately trying to hold back her tears) Lauren spoke about how proud she is of her little sister and how much she loves her. 

With the speeches finished we head out with the bride and groom to get some portrait shots in the rain, which makes for some awesome footage! Afterwards, while the band set up, people are already on the dance floor parting (mainly Rochelle and the girls). Next it's time for the first dance and Joe and Rochelle have a little surprise for their guests. They had spent time rehearsing a choreographed dance, once they had finished they get all the guests up on the dance floor to join them and the party gets underway!


Joe & Rochelle,

I had so much fun filming and editing your film! I think the fact that your bloopers reel is longer than your main video sums up your day perfectly!
So many jokes and so much laughter throughout. Thank you so much for letting me be apart of your special day at Hayne House. I loved getting to know you both through this process and wish you all the best for your future together!

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