Lee & Kaylie

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Beginning the day in glorious sunshine on the drive to One Warwick Park in Tunbridge Wells, the day was set to be a scorcher! I arrived at the venue and headed up to the hotel where Kaylie and her bridal party were getting ready. They apologised for the mess but compared to a lot of bridal preparations this was quite tidy. I set up and started getting shots of everyone getting ready, including a very shy Sienna who kept on trying to hide from the camera. This lasted all of about 5 minutes and then she was talking to the camera, playing hide & seek, singing, dancing, eating ice cubes and telling me all about her favourite Disney princesses. The bridal party have got a little game going on with how many times Lee is going to cry throughout the day and they are scoring points from sniffles to tears.

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I head over to Lee's room along with Kaylie's mum so that they can give Kaylie's gifts to her dad and Lee. As we enter the room, Lee is just about out of bed and standing in his pants (we suggest it's probably a better idea to film this with some clothes on) Kaylie's dad receives a personalised handkerchief from Kaylie and both her mum and dad get a little emotional at the touching words. Next is Lee's turn,  he opens up his gift from Kaylie and reveals a TAG watch! After wiping away a few tears (10 points to Kaylie) he ushers the groomsmen out of the room, so that he can set up his gifts for them. Best man, father of the bride and Kaylie's brother all receive a personalised decanter and glass set and personalised socks  (apart from Kaylie's brother who's feet are too big for custom made socks) all gifted in a personalised engraved wooden box. A real nice touch from Lee and they all loved their gifts. Lee then started to get the entourage ready and suited up before heading over the road to the pub, although a few may have been feeling slightly delicate this morning and stuck to soft drinks.


Along with photographer Damien, we head back up to Kaylie who was now in the last stages of getting ready. "Breathing is overrated anyway" Kaylie's says as her mum starts to lace up her dress. As the bridal party finish getting ready I head down to the ceremony to mic Lee and set up. Lee didn't seem nervous at all and spent most of the time rapping down the microphone. Everyone gets into place as the music starts to play and Kaylie has a little surprise, she teaches gymnastics and some of her gymnasts come down the aisle next. 

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The ceremony gets started and Lee and Kaylie soon become husband and wife. While guests hit the bar and the photographer gets everyone organised for the photos, the ceremony room is quickly turned around for the meal. Kaylie's mum has made the cake (which is amazing) and each table is a year of the couples relationship and has an accompanying photo along with it. Once the food is over the speeches get underway and all of the speech givers had everyone cheering, laughing and clapping throughout!


After the speeches are finished, one of the servers falls over a chair leg and makes an almighty bang. The guy feels so bad that he asks for the microphone to apologise to everyone and asks everyone to be upstanding and give one last toast to the happy couple. Little did the guests know that this was another surprise from Lee & Kaylie. As the guests get to their feet, music starts playing and the 'clumsy waiter' is actually a singing waiter. He jumps up on the chairs and starts jumping around the guest who are absolutely loving it. Then a second waiter jumps up and joins in, these guys are from Silver Service - Singing Waiters and they absolutely smashed it! They got all the guests dancing, having sing offs and it looked like the guests were loving it! After the waiters were finished we set out across the road for a few portrait shots and head back over and waited for the room to be turned around for the evening  dancing. Lee & Kaylie then cut the cake and headed to the dance floor for their final surprise. a choreographed first dance to 'A Million Dreams'

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Lee & Kaylie,

thank you for letting me be a part of your special day, you are both such a genuinely lovely couple and Sienna is just ridiculously cute! I absolutely loved getting to know you both through this process and wish you all the best for your future!