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My first blog.


Hey everyone.

Welcome to real life videos!

I've decided to start writing for anything and everything to do with us, firstly I really just wanted to introduce myself.

So hi! I'm Scott & here are 10 things about me:


  1. I look 17, but I've actually just turned 27 (which completely terrifies me! Turning 20 seems like yesterday) 

  2. I'm a clean freak. I can’t help it, I just like being organised!

  3. I am a huge boxsets/movie buff, I think mainly because I enjoy good cinematography and story telling! But there is rarely a show I haven’t tried out! My favourites have to be Game of Thrones, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad, but I also love a bit of cheese and can quote most of Friends word for word.

  4. Im short, I say around 5ft9 (if you count a good pair of trainers and being on your tiptoes) but it's probably closer to 5ft6.

  5. I have recently become vegetarian, just over 1 year meat free. I could never go back to eating meat, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss some things, it takes every little bit of my strength to not get a cheeseburger when walking past McDonalds. 

  6. I truly believe in experiences over possessions, I would rather have a bucket list full of ticks than a house full of ‘things’.

  7. I am my happiest self when travelling, there’s just something about packing a bag and exploring new places (camera in hand of course) that I LOVE... it doesn’t even have to be abroad, there is still so much of the UK I want to see.

  8. I think I must have been from Italy in my past life, because all my favourite foods are Italian! Carbonara, Lasagne, Bolognese, Pizza …. mmmmm my mouth is watering! "But Scott aren’t you vegetarian" Don’t worry guys I make all of these with Quorn substitutes, they are just as good (if not better)

  9. Coffee is ESSENTIAL, I’ve recently cut my coffee consumption down (it was getting out of control) but every morning for me starts with a coffee.

  10. Finally, I love creating videos, there’s nothing better for me than capturing an emotion/feeling/memory in a story that can be watched back over and over again.


So thats a very quick introduction to me. Keep your eyes peeled for me blogs coming soon, including some from my 2018 weddings!

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