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Penny & Phillip - Hendall Manor Barns

I arrive at Hendall Manor Barns super early and was greeted by Nicola, who is super friendly as always. I started by getting lots of shots of the venue and inside the barn, including the cake topper (which I thought was brilliant!)

Soon after Phil & Neil were arriving, both looking incredibly smart in a 3 piece suit with cane & top hat. We had a little chat before they headed outside in the wonderful sunshine to start greeting the arriving guests. The photographer for the day was Anthony (Anthony Elvy photography), I've not worked with Anthony for a couple of years so it was really nice to have a catch up. Before we knew it, Penny's car was arriving and as they were slightly early they were tucked around the corner while the last guests started to arrive. Once everyone was at the venue, the couple actually decided to start early as every one was ready early (I can say out of all the weddings I've attended.... this NEVER happens!) So slightly earlier than planned the wedding got underway. Once Phil could remember his own name, the ceremony went pretty smoothly, Phil was so focused on saying 'lawful impediment' correct that it threw him off when repeating his name. After this the couple were officially married and they proceeded back up the aisle and had 5 minutes alone together (I say alone, but Phil was still mic'd up at this point and had forgotten that he was being recorded!)

Me and Anthony then got some shots at the front of Hendall in wedding car, Phil then tried to be romantic with a flower in mouth before realising it tasted horrid.

The newly weds then head out to mingle, followed by garden games, formal shots (where we had flying hats and selfie photobombs) and then group shots

Next we had 2 BRILLIANT speeches! Phil began and from start to finish there was humour, thank yous and loving words for his new bride. It was one of the funniest groom speeches I've filmed (maybe his 2 techniques of whiskey and imagining all the guests naked to settle nerves really did work, because it was spoken perfectly).

A tough act to follow, best man and brother Neil then also delivered a fantastic speech, full of jokes, more jokes, a sprinkling of nice words for his brother and then yep... more jokes. Considering Phil said in his speech that it's hard for him to get embarrassed, there were a few occasions during Neil's speech where Phil was hiding behind a chair in fits of laughter.

Moving on from the crude jokes, Penny and Phil go over to cut their cake. Me and Anthony take them off for some more couple shots during a glorious sunset, during which we navigate around long grass, Penny models Phil's hat, they have LOTS OF KISSES, some lovely shots in the orchard

Then ... 'that swing shot' I think it goes to show just how full of laughter and happiness the day was, because both bride and groom found it hilarious (I think the bloopers reel is longer that the actual wedding film)

By the end of all this we were then approaching the first dance, the guests made an archway leading to the dance floor for Penny & Phillip to run down and they then take their first dance as a married couple, during which Phil gets down on his knees so they are at a similar height which was hilarious and then the party well and truly gets started on the dance floor.

Thank you SO MUCH for letting me capture your special day! You both nailed the relaxed and informal wedding vibe and it was honestly so much FUN. Your sense of humour throughout the day made filming for you both so easy.


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