Video Editing

Do you have video footage that needs editing? 
We can create special video memories for you to treasure and share with friends and family.

Old holiday videos? - How many times do you go on holiday, take a camera/Go Pro, capture lots of incredible memories and then NEVER do anything with the footage?? Even as an editor I'm guilty of doing this! So if you've got unused footage & you want a video to easily watch back, to remember all the great moments, then we can help.

Family events? - We have all done it... been to a wedding, birthday party, christening, filmed the day and then let it just sit and let the footage be forgotten about. Why not surprise your family members by having this edited into a highlight video.

Home videos? - Treasured memories of a loved one? You might just have a few small clips of a loved one doing everyday things, but put all these clips together and this can make for an emotional keepsake.

Business videos? - Have you got video footage for your business but unsure of what to do with it or how to utilise the footage to attract more customers? We can edit this to produce a promotional video for your business. Alternatively we can offer to film and create your ideal video for business promotion.

Prices can vary on length of footage and length of video required, so pop us a message for prices.

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