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Alex & Natalie


This early April wedding was blessed from the start with glorious weather all day!

I started the day by heading over to Tonbridge to film Natalie and her bridal party getting ready. Now with a flat full of bridesmaids, a videographer and a photographer it’s safe to say it was a little crazy in there. I got some shots of Natalie and co getting ready and then moved locations to the Groom’s preparations, just about managing to dodge the aggressive bee that stung photographer Matt on the finger.

Meeting the guys at the honeymoon sweet at Hadlow Manor, I walked in to find 3 lads who seemed relatively calm. With the music blasting these 3 friends seemed to really enjoy their preparation time together, the jokes didn’t stop and neither did the laughter and after some quick youtube tutorials on ‘how to do a Windsor knot’ & just about figuring out how to attach their personalised pocket watches, they were ready.

They all jumped in the car and headed to the church (while all singing their hearts out to Bruno Mars - Marry You). At the church Jake and Luke were greeting the guests while Alex waited at the alter, the Jaguar pulled up and Natalie was soon heading down the aisle, to greet her Groom to be. What started out from a surprise engagement on their balcony at Centre Parcs, had brought them all the way here and after a wonderful ceremony and a lovely reading from Natalie’s Grandad, they were now husband and wife.

Everyone made their way to Hadlow Manor and enjoyed drinks outside in the glorious sunshine! Before everyone tucked into the food, we had some amazing speeches from Natalies father Doug - who mainly told us all the embarrassing stories for Natalie (including her imaginary friend ‘Tart Apple’), Alex - who gave an amazing heartfelt speech and then his best man Luke - who supplied most the jokes.

Next came the food, and on a personal note… the vegetarian options were delicious at Hadlow Manor! Soon after people were hitting the bar, evening guests were arriving and it was time to cut the AMAZING Mario themed wedding cake and make their way to the dance floor. They had chosen ‘Kat Edmonson- Lucky’ which had been found from a TV advert for Bensons for Beds! This was a really special moment and was clear to see the love these two have for each other.

To finish off the night we had sparklers, which were used for making some long exposure photos of love hearts or the obligatory penis (Luke) followed by everyone up on the dance floor for the dance off’s.


I loved every part of this truly special day and I am so grateful to Alex & Natalie for choosing me to be their videographer.

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