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Chris & Lucy


Well, this is where it all began.

In 2017 I decided to make weekly videos for my Youtube and after Lucy saw a video I created called '5 Years' which was a dedication to my partner Ashleigh and our 5 year anniversary, Lucy contacted me to see if I would like to capture her wedding day in April.
At first I was completely shocked at the idea, creating videos had always been a hobby of mine but I had never thought of filming such an important day for someone. A few conversations later and after talking the details through with Lucy & Chris I accepted and was excited and nervous all in one.  As the day grew closer I met with them both to talk through final details and prepare everything for their special day. 

As we reached the BIG DAY,  21st April 2017, I drove to the beautiful Mountains Country House in Hildenborough and began setting up. It's strange how comfortable I felt for my first wedding, but after spending the last couple of months researching and planning wedding films and filming/editing as much as I possibly could… I felt ready!

Mountains Country House was a lovely venue and the sun was shining for most of the day! I caught up with a nervous Chris who had dragged his best man/brother Rob out for an early morning workout to try and settle his nerves! After I had finished filming some of the venue, some establishing shots and getting to know some of the guests, Lucy was on her way! Chris & Lucy posed for a beautiful shot either side of the venue doors holding hands, and as much as Lucy tried to hold them back, the tears started flowing and the bridal party started frantically looking for tissues. Chris departed back to the alter and eagerly awaited Lucy, who walked down the aisle alongside her father, a beautiful ceremony later and Chris & Lucy were Mr & Mrs Clark (Clark without an ‘e’ as Lucy says)
Cue confetti, cue family photos and cue James and Olivia spending the next couple of hours playing with some balloons (until James manages to get one stuck on the conservatory)
We then make our way to some well needed food, as much as I enjoyed the meal, I spent the whole time preparing for the speeches in my head, so I dread to think what it must have been like for the speech givers! 


First to start the speeches was Lucy's father, followed by Chris' best mate Graham, who started by informing the whole marquee of Chris' nickname... nipples. Next was best man/brother (Rob) who gave a brilliant speech followed by the groom himself (who lets just say didn't miss any details). His lengthy speech really showed just how deep his love for Lucy is and he did incredibly well to hold back many happy tears! All the speeches were sprinkled with humour (which was 90% of Graham's speech) but they also all showed just how much they all cared for the happy couple. With the speeches over, there was a few extra relaxed faces around the marquee (including mine). The new bride and groom mingled, while most of the guests hit the bar. Shortly after, it was time for the cutting of the cake, being careful to mind the AMAZING cake topper of Chris shoulder pressing Lucy! However while they were cutting the cake, there was a near miss moment when the tiers almost toppled over!

Rushing from the cake to the dance floor, I was ready to capture the incredibly special moment where Chris and. Lucy had there first dance to Ellie Goulding's - 'Love me like you do' and were then joined by James and Olivia to complete this special little family on the dance floor.

Now people who know Chris & Lucy will know this wedding was back in April 2017, so I have been sitting on the blog for a while, So we are almost coming up to their 2 year anniversary so I want to wish you both even more happiness in the years to come, especially now with little Harrison! 

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