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How we film your wedding day

Hi, my name's Scott and I am the owner of real life videos. I just wanted to say hello, introduce myself and explain a little bit about how we like to film on your wedding day.

Now you’ve probably spent a long time planning your wedding and it will honestly fly by on the day! So I may be a little bit bias but you should absolutely have a wedding film so you can relive your day whenever you want to and watch all the bits you missed!

If you are considering booking with us I thought I'd explain how we film your wedding and how we like to operate on the day. We work in a very natural style trying to blend into the background where possible and capture really natural looking footage, we won’t be directing you all day telling you what to do and how to look. In fact most of our customers will say that they hardly noticed we were there during the day (in a good way of course!) yet you have got all these amazing shots & that is exactly what we want to hear. We will let the day run through and be there in the back ground capturing all those really special, really real moments.

During the couple's shots we may give you a little more instruction and direction so we can capture some loving moments between you to use in the wedding film, these wont be anything too difficult and will mainly be walking together, having a kiss or a cuddle and holding hands -nothing too strenuous! Our main aim is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed even with multiple cameras. If you have any questions about anything or you would like a quotation please do get in touch with me.

Thank you.


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