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10 Couples Poses To Use In Your Wedding Films

Hi, I'm Scott & I want to share some of my all time favourite poses to use in your wedding videos.

The couples portraits are the part of the day where you can be the most creative with the wedding couple and having great content from this part of the day can really elevate your wedding films. However, this can be one of the more challenging parts of being a wedding filmmaker, trying to direct your couples whilst having the footage look natural and the couples relaxed can be difficult. So here are some of my go to poses to use with your wedding couples, along with some tips and tricks to make your couple look their best and feel comfortable on camera.

1. 'Look into my eyes'

This is possibly my favourite and almost my go to shot with every film, I captured this almost by accident the first time and now use it in most of my films.

  • Ask the couple to stand facing each other and have a cuddle

  • Ask the bride to look straight down the lens at you then look at the floor.

  • Ask the groom to rest his face on the side of brides

  • Slowly walk backwards and ask the bride to look from the floor up to you and smile

2. 'Walking in love'

This one is a MUST for my wedding films and potentially one of the easiest to direct. Its super simply and yet makes great footage and movement for the wedding film.

  • Ask the couple to look at the floor and start to walk towards you.

  • Walk backwards and ask the couple to look up at each other and smile.

  • I tend to do this same shot from: close up, far away, to the side and from behind.

3. 'Hands in focus'

This is a new one for my films and I absolutely LOVE the finished look. It can be a great to build story and narrative into your wedding films.

  • First of all find a scenic view from around the wedding venue

  • Ask the couple to stand behind you on either side

  • Ask them to walk past you and once they enter the frame ask them to reach out and hold hands.

  • As they grab hands switch the focus from the view ahead to their hands in the foreground

  • Ask them to keep walking and you can follow and pan up to reveal them both

4. 'The Long Shot'

This one is super easy and is simple to film yet looks amazing. I use this a lot and it can be a great way to either start or end a section of the wedding film. Find a scenic view for the backdrop, I love this outdoors with a wide landscape but can also work well with the venue in the background.

  • Ask the couple to stand bellies touching, facing each other, & looking in each others eyes.

  • Start far away and slowly walk towards them

  • As you get closer ask them to have a kiss

6. Hands & Pan

  • Ask the couple to stand bellies touching

  • Ask them to interlock fingers while stroking hands

  • Pan up from the couples hands to reveal them having a kiss!

6. Touch foreheads

  • Ask the couple to stand close together

  • Then gently rest their foreheads together while closing their eyes

  • I then typically do this again off to one side looking over either the bride or grooms shoulder

  • Then from one side I ask them to keep foreheads touching, I then ask them to kiss as I walk back to the centre position

7. 'Kiss with a view'

  • This tends to work best outdoors with a large landscape view

  • I ask the couple to put their backs to me and put an arm round each other

  • I ask them to start by looking out at the view

  • Then I ask them to look at each other and go for a kiss (either on lips, forehead or cheek)

8. Sit & Cuddle

This is one of my favourite poses, it can be a tricky one and can be dependant on the venue having somewhere that this can work.

  • Find somewhere appropriate and check the couple are happy to both try this one

  • Ask the groom to sit behind the bride and cuddle from behind

  • I prompt them to hold hands, look off into the distance then have a smooch!

9. 'Take my hand' For the backdrop, I love this outdoors with a wide landscape but can also work well with the venue in the back ground.

  • Ask the couple to stand slightly apart

  • Ask them to walk forward and come together

  • Ask them to then look at each other, reach out to grab hands and keep walking forward

10. 'The confetti kiss' Confetti shots for me have always been some of my favourite footage to use in my wedding films and this one simple prompt can make all the difference! Confetti tends to be used at most weddings so this one is a little bit of a cheat! Once me and the photographer have lined the guests up and instructed them to throw the confetti up in the air (& not in the couples face/mouth) I then grab the couple and give them this one simple prompt.

  • Organise the guests into two lines

  • Before the couple start walking, ask them to walk slowly and have a kiss in the middle

  • Prompt them to kiss once they get to the middle as most forget


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