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Do I need a wedding video?

Do I need a wedding videographer? Now I might be a little bit biased but ABSOLUTELY! A here is 5 reasons why!

  1. Relive your special day You will spend years planning your wedding yet the day will speed by. Having a wedding film means you can relive your special day when ever you want.

  2. Watch the moments you missed It will take you back to not only the special moments you've forgotten, but also the moments you didn't get to see, whether that is your partner getting ready, the bridesmaids walking down the aisle or a mates dodgy dance moves!

  3. Speeches/Ceremony We can capture the full ceremony and full speeches for you to watch back, most people are super nervous before the ceremony and speeches and end up forgetting most of what is said. Someone could give the best speech in the world and most of the time you do forget it. Having it on films means you can watch it back and hear all those dodgy jokes and special words when ever you want.

  4. You’ve booked a photographer right? Everyone books a photographer, yet its strange more people do not consider a videographer. Having a video means you can really feel the emotions again from the day. You get to see peoples reactions, hear peoples voices and see the emotion on their face.

  5. More affordable than you think We have lots of different packages available to hopefully suit your budget and if you cant find what you are looking for then pop me a message and we can always look to tailor a package to suit what you would need.


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