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Ross & Georgie - Hendall Manor Barns

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

After seeing the weather forecast the week prior I thought we were set for a wet one today, but thank goodness we were incredibly lucky and it turned into a beautifully sunny and strangely warm October day! As I arrived at Hendall Manor Barns I met photographer Chelsea who was also just arriving. We both head over to the cottage and are greeted by one of the most relaxed bridal parties I've seen. Everyone was pretty much done with hair and makeup and all were very chilled and mostly just excited for the day ahead. The girls pop some Champagne and then we go outside for some photos.

I then make my way back over to the barn ready for Ross to arrive. Soon after it was time for father of the bride Nick to head over to the cottage to see Georgie for the first time and it was a really lovely moment, especially with all the bridesmaids peering through the window to watch and all desperately trying not to cry and ruin their wedding make up.

Heading back to the barn, Ross and best man Zaneev are ready and waiting at the alter and before we know it the bridesmaids are heading down the aisle followed by Georgie who was arm in arm with Dad Nick.

We had a few lovely readings, the couple said their vows and then after a short and sweet ceremony they were officially married!

After the ceremony the couple opted for bubbles rather than confetti, this was my first time filming a bubbles shot and it looked AMAZING, especially in the beautiful October sun. I think its safe to say I've been converted to this as an alternative to confetti ... bubbles > confetti.

The newly weds take a prosecco and get some time to mingle and talk to their guests while the kids continue to be amused by the bubble machines. Next is the formal shots and we get some great stuff with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, including Ross' TFL socks, Georgie being carried by the guys and some lovely bridesmaids shots.

The couple then make their way over to the swing and we get some lovely footage, Ross fights off some cobwebs while Georgie is being mobbed by ladybugs.

After this it was almost time for food, Ross & Georgie's tables were set out to places they have traveled and the seating plan was awesome, it was a map of the world with pins where they had traveled together and separately. The tables were then set to countries they had been, I really liked this idea. Before the food we had the first 2 (of 4 speeches) which was Georgie, followed by her dad Nick. Then after the food the second 2 speeches from Ross and best man Zaneev. All the speeches were delivered brilliantly, all confidently spoken with lots of humour and loving words. A few of my personal highlights were: - Ross' lovely words to his new wife and also showing the original wedding date sewn into his jacket

- Georgie recalling Ross' dating skills of taking her to the cinema to watch 'American Pie'

- Zaneev's description of walking into Ross 'on the computer'

After the speeches were over, I experienced possibly one of my favourite moments at a wedding to date. Ross's cousin stood up and congratulated the couple and informed the room he was going to sing them a song. Now I along with most of the room had absolutely no idea this was going to be happening and I even thought at first that this may have been a 'singing server' where one of the wait staff start getting up to sing. But no this was genuinely Ross's cousin and he wasn't going to sing just any song, it was a sea shanty to the couple. It was honestly BRILLIANT. The acoustics in the barn with everyone singing along were incredible, the lyrics were super funny and it had everyone laughing.

After all of this we took Ross and Georgie out for some couple shots during a glorious sunset and got some really lovely footage.

We pretty much went straight into the cutting of the cake and after this the newly weds made their way over to the dance floor for the first dance, the band introduced them and they were soon slow dancing to 'Freya Ridings - Unconditional' The evening looked like SO MUCH FUN, there was LOTS of dancing, the band were brilliant and the drinks were flowing.

Georgie & Ross, I am SO SO glad you chose me to capture your special day and although it may have been delayed you certainly made this date one to remember! You are both perfect together and being around you both even for this short amount of time, I could just tell you were a perfect match. I hope you love your wedding film as much as I loved creating it for you!


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